Terraria: How to Get Water Candles

Terraria offers various crafting recipes and items that can enhance your gameplay experience. One such item is the water candle, which can help you spawn more critters and mobs. This article will walk you through crafting a water candle in Terraria.


Finding the Wizard and Obtaining a Crystal Ball

To begin crafting a water candle, you’ll need to locate the wizard, who can be found in the Frozen Wastelands during Hard Mode in the cavern layer. Once you find the wizard, free him from his trap and talk to him. Afterwards, ensure you have suitable housing for the wizard, and he will move in. Visit the wizard’s shop and purchase a crystal ball, typically costing around 10 gold.

Crafting a Candle or Platinum Candle

The next step is to craft a candle or platinum candle. You’ll need to craft a workbench and place it down to do this. Then, using either a gold bar and a torch or a platinum bar and a torch, create a candle or a platinum candle. The recipe for a candle is a gold bar and a torch, while the platinum candle requires a platinum bar and a torch.

Crafting the Water Candle

Now that you have the crystal ball and a candle or platinum candle, head to an area with water. Stand on top of or next to the water and use the crystal ball along with the candle. This combination will create a water candle. Alternatively, you can use the platinum candle instead of the candle to achieve the same result.

Importance of Water Candles

Water candles play a crucial role in spawning more critters and mobs in Terraria. They are especially useful when grinding for items like the frozen key. By placing a water candle, you increase the chances of mobs spawning, increasing your chances of obtaining the desired item. Therefore, water candles are highly valuable, particularly in the game’s later stages.

Crafting a water candle in Terraria is a simple process that requires a crystal ball, a candle or platinum candle, and access to water. Following these steps, you can create water candles to enhance your gameplay experience and increase mob spawns. So gather the necessary materials, and craft your own water candles to aid you in your Terraria adventures.


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