Terraria: How to Get Chain

In Terraria, obtaining a chain is essential for crafting various items, including the heart lantern.

Suppose you’re wondering how to acquire a chain for decorative purposes or crafting specific items. In that case, this article will walk you through the process.


Required Materials: Led Bars or Iron Bars

You’ll need either led bars or iron bars to create a chain. Both materials can be used interchangeably, so use whichever one you have available in your inventory. Collect the necessary amount of led bars or iron bars to craft the desired number of chains.

Using the Anvil and Crafting Window

Head to the anvil once you have the required led bars or iron bars. Open the crafting window, which allows you to access various crafting recipes. Locate the chain recipe within the crafting window.

Crafting Chain

Select the chain recipe and begin crafting. By using either led bars or iron bars, you can create chains. Craft as many chains as you need for your intended purpose. Chains are versatile and can be utilized in crafting several items, such as the heart lantern.

Chains serve multiple purposes in Terraria. One of the most common uses for chains is crafting the heart lantern. This item provides health regeneration to nearby players. Chains are also employed in various decorative structures and can be combined with other materials to create unique designs.

Final Thoughts

Crafting a chain in Terraria is a straightforward process that requires led bars or iron bars. By using the anvil and accessing the crafting window, you can easily create chains for your desired purposes. Remember, chains are functional and add aesthetic appeal to your Terraria world. So gather the necessary materials, head to the anvil, and start crafting your chains.


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