Terraria Strange Plants

Strange plants in Terraria are unique items that have a variety of uses. One primary purpose is obtaining special dyes from the Dye Trader NPC. By exchanging strange plants with the Dye Trader, players can receive 33 different exclusive quest dyes. These dyes offer colours and effects like golden, reflective, living, grim, and more.


Availability and Rarity

Certain dyes can only be obtained in challenging mode after defeating bosses. For example, upon entering the hard mode, players unlock access to additional dyes like the Twilight dye, Burning Hade’s dye, and Grime dye.

Further progression and defeating specific bosses unlock even more dyes, such as the Clarified dye, Living Flame dye, Living Rainbow dye, and Living Ocean dye. The rarest of all dyes, the Sky Flood dye, becomes available only after defeating the Moon Lord.

Growth and Farming

Strange plants, except for mushroom grass areas, can grow anywhere on the surface or underground of a world. They are not biome-specific, meaning they can grow in any biome, including the Crimson, Hallow, or Corruption.

It’s important to note that strange plants cannot grow within 480 feet of each other, which may affect the efficiency of farming or creating a dedicated farm. They can be found using Splunker Potions, which reveal them as coloured dots on the map.

Trading and Value

When traded with the Dye Trader, strange plants yield 60 silver coins, providing three dyes in return. However, strange plants themselves can only be sold for 20 silver coins. Despite being valuable resources for obtaining rare dyes, strange plants are less valuable when sold directly. It is worth noting that strange plants cannot be placed in pots for decoration.

Building a Farm

Players can build a farm to increase the chances of finding and growing strange plants. This can be achieved by creating long rows of grass-filled dirt blocks for increased efficiency.

While strange plants can grow on dirt without grass, placing blocks above the dirt prevents other plants from growing there. Sky islands are potential locations for strange plants, so building the farm in proximity to these islands increases the chances of finding them.

Alternative Farming Method

For players who prefer a more efficient and automated farming method, a downloadable world is available for PC players. This world provides a ready-made farm for strange plants, offering an easy way to obtain them.

The farm is designed to drop the plants directly to the player, saving time and effort. Alternatively, players can create their own farms using similar concepts, optimizing the process for their playstyle.

Strange plants in Terraria are versatile items that allow players to acquire exclusive quest dyes from the Dye Trader. While they can be found and grown in various biomes, they cannot grow within 480 feet of each other.

Building or utilizing a pre-built farm can enhance the chances of obtaining these unique dyes. Experiment with different dyes and colours to customize your character’s appearance in the world of Terraria.


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