Terraria: How to Get String

Terraria offers a wide variety of accessories that can enhance your character’s abilities and provide unique benefits. One such accessory is the White String, which can be helpful in certain situations.

This article will explore how to obtain White String in Terraria

Gathering Cobweb

The first option to obtain White String is by collecting cobwebs. Cobweb can be found in various locations and appears as a string-like material. You can use any sword to collect the cobweb. For crafting White String, you will need 50 cobwebs.

Crafting Requirements

To create White String, you will need the following resources:

  • 50 cobweb
  • 8 iron bars or lead bars
  • 40 wood

Crafting Process

Start by crafting a workbench. Use any sword to collect the cobweb, then craft a workbench using 10 pieces of wood.

With the workbench in place, craft an anvil. This requires 5 iron bars or lead bars. Once you have the anvil, craft a loom. The loom is created using 12 pieces of wood. Finally, you can craft the White String using 50 cobwebs with the loom.

Benefits of White String

The White String accessory provides valuable benefits for your character. It increases the maximum range of weapons, allowing you to attack enemies from a greater distance. This can be particularly advantageous in combat situations, providing an extended reach and improving your overall effectiveness.


Obtaining the White String in Terraria involves collecting cobwebs, crafting a workbench, anvil, loom, and finally, the White String itself. This accessory enhances your character’s range and is a valuable addition to your arsenal.

Following the crafting process outlined in this article, you can acquire the White String and enjoy its benefits in your Terraria adventures.


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