Terraria: How to Get Titanium Ore

Terraria is a popular sandbox game that offers various resources and materials for players to gather.

This article will explore how to obtain Titanium and Adamantite Ore, two valuable resources used in crafting high-tier items and equipment. These ores can be found in hard mode, accessible after defeating the Wall of Flesh boss and obtaining a hammer as a drop.


Entering Hard Mode and Obtaining the Hammer

Before we can start searching for Titanium and Adamantite Ore, we need to enter hard mode. This can be achieved by defeating the Wall of Flesh boss. Once the boss is defeated, acquiring a hammer is essential, which the Wall of Flesh drops. The hammer will be essential for breaking altars and revealing the desired ores.

Locating the Ores

To find Titanium and Adamantite Ore, we must explore the Crimson biome. In this biome, caves can be found with altars hidden within. It’s crucial to venture deep into the caves until an altar is encountered. The altars are identifiable as large structures and can be destroyed using the hammer from the Wall of Flesh.

Crimson Biome
Crimson Biome

The Altar Destruction Process

When an altar is destroyed, a message indicates the type of ore blessed upon the world. The first destroyed altar will yield Cobalt or Palladium Ore. Destroying two more altars will spawn Mithril or Orichalcum Ore. Finally, destroying a third altar will generate Titanium or Adamantite Ore.

Benefits of Destroying Multiple Altars

Destroying as many altars as possible in your world is highly recommended. In patch 1.4.4, the spawning of evil blocks that spread the biome is no longer a concern. By destroying more altars, you increase ore availability in your world, allowing for more excellent resource-gathering opportunities.

Mining Strategy and Deep Levels

Before mining the ores, it’s advisable to obtain a spelunker potion. This potion highlights ores in layered radii, making them easier to locate. Spelunker potions can be found in chests or crafted using ingredients such as Blinkroot and Moon Glow.

Understanding the depths at which ores can be found based on world size is also essential. Small worlds require mining at the 700 deep level, medium worlds at the 1000 deep level, and large worlds at the 1400 deep level.

Using the Correct Tools

To mine Titanium or Adamantite Ore, it is necessary to have a Mythril Drill, Orichalcum Drill, or their pickaxe equivalents. These specialized tools are capable of harvesting these valuable ores efficiently. Without the appropriate drilling equipment, it will not be possible to gather Titanium or Adamantite Ore.


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