Terraria: How to Get The Underground Hallow

Terraria offers a vast world with various biomes to explore and conquer. One of the biomes, the Hallow, can sometimes be challenging to find or create in your world.

In this article, we will discuss how to encounter or generate the Hallow biome, ensuring you can experience its unique features and resources.


Converting to Hardmode and the Hallow Biome

To access the Hallow biome, you must first transition your world into Hardmode. This requires defeating the Wall of Flesh, a formidable boss that is the gateway to the game’s more challenging phase. Once you have successfully vanquished the Wall of Flesh, your world will enter Hardmode, and the Hallow biome will begin to appear.

Hallow Biome Formation

After entering Hardmode, different areas of your world will convert into the Hallow biome. These conversions can affect various biomes, such as the Crimson biome, the Corruption biome, or even the Jungle biome. The appearance of the Hallow biome is distinguished by its unique background and colourful trees, setting it apart from other biomes.

Obtaining Hallow Seeds

If your world lacks the Hallow biome or you wish to expand its presence, you can obtain Hallow Seeds. These seeds can be found by purchasing them from the Dryad NPC, which resides in your housing. Although costly, they provide a convenient way to introduce the Hallow biome into your world.

Planting Hallow Seeds

To create the Hallow biome, you need to plant the Hallow Seeds in specific areas. Find an appropriate location, preferably an area covered with dirt rather than mud. If you come across a jungle biome, remove any mud blocks and replace them with dirt. Once you have prepared the surface, plant the Hallow Seeds by placing them on the dirt blocks. You can sow the seeds and initiate the growth process with a left mouse click.

Hallow Biome
Hallow Biome

The Spread of the Hallow Biome

Once the Hallow Seeds are planted, the Hallow biome will begin to spread gradually. The seeds will grow into plants, and the Hallow grass will start spreading throughout the area. This process takes time, and you may need to wait several hours in real time for the complete conversion to occur.

Remember that only the background, watercolour, and grass will change during this progression. At the same time, other biome features will remain the same.

Optimizing Hallow Biome Conversion

You can actively participate in the biome’s growth to expedite the conversion process. By ensuring that the Hallow grass spreads and replacing other blocks with Hallow blocks, you can facilitate a faster conversion. This active involvement can help you achieve a full-fledged Hallow biome in a shorter time frame.


Creating or encountering the Hallow biome in Terraria adds a new dimension to your gameplay experience. From its unique visuals to the resources it offers, the Hallow biome presents exciting opportunities for exploration and progression.

By following the steps outlined in this article, you can ensure the presence of the Hallow biome in your world, enabling you to delve deeper into the wonders of Terraria. Remember, the world of Terraria is vast and full of surprises, so venture forth and embrace the adventure that awaits.


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