Terraria: How to Craft Watches

Are you eager to craft a watch in Terraria but unsure of the process? Fear not, as we’re about to reveal the secrets of this seemingly simple yet elusive crafting recipe.

This article guides you through the necessary ingredients and steps to create a watch. Let’s delve into the world of Terraria and unlock the timekeeping prowess.


The Main Ingredient: A Table

To start your watch crafting adventure, you’ll need a table, specifically a regular table, not a crafting bench. Strange as it may seem, a table is the critical component of this recipe. Ensure you have a suitable table available before proceeding. It’s worth noting that the table serves as your crafting surface, where you’ll diligently work on your watch.

Terraria: A Table
Terraria: A Table

Gather the Materials

In addition to the table, gather the following materials to craft your watch: one chain and ten pieces of either copper, silver, or gold bars. The choice of metal will determine the watch’s functionality and the time measurement it displays.

Copper tells the hours, silver denotes minutes, and the golden watch showcases seconds. Select your preferred metal and gather the necessary bars to proceed with crafting.

The Crafting Process

Now that you have your table and materials ready, it’s time to begin crafting. Follow these steps to create your watch:

Place the table

Set up your table conveniently so you can comfortably work on your watch.

Access the crafting menu.

Interact with the table to open the crafting menu. This is where you’ll combine your materials to create the watch.

Combine the chain and bars.

In the crafting menu, locate the watch recipe. Select the recipe and combine one chain with the chosen metal bars. This will initiate the crafting process, and your watch will begin to take shape.

Complete the crafting

Once the crafting process is complete, your watch will appear in your inventory. Congratulations! You’ve successfully crafted a watch in Terraria.

While this guide may have shed light on the watch crafting process, it’s important to note that Terraria offers various crafting recipes and possibilities. Experimentation and exploration are critical aspects of the game.

If you are seeking more information or facing uncertainty, don’t hesitate to consult the Terraria Wiki. The wiki is a valuable resource for in-depth knowledge and guidance on various aspects of the game.


Crafting a watch in Terraria may initially seem puzzling. Still, armed with the knowledge of the necessary materials and steps, you can confidently create this timekeeping device.

Remember, the table holds the secret to unlocking this recipe, and your chosen metal will dictate the watch’s time measurement. Embrace the wonders of Terraria and enjoy your newfound ability to keep track of time in this captivating sandbox world.


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