Terraria: How to Get Water Bolt

Waterbolt is a powerful pre-hard mode weapon in Terraria that can pack a punch against enemies. This article will walk you through obtaining the Waterbolt quickly and efficiently, allowing you to harness its magical abilities.


Getting Started

To begin obtaining Waterbolt, it is recommended to start collecting wood and crafting wood armour. This simple armour provides some defence, giving you better survivability during your journey. Craft a crafting table and create the armour to give yourself an advantage as you embark on your quest for Waterbolt.

Choosing a Direction

After equipping your wood armour, it’s time to pick a direction and head towards the dungeon. While making your way there, be cautious of the dangers. Gathering any upgrades you encounter, such as cactus armour, is advisable to enhance your survivability during the journey.

Progressing underground during the nighttime can be a viable strategy to continuously progress even when it’s dark outside.

Exploring the Dungeon

As daylight returns, emerge from the underground and continue your journey towards the dungeon. The direction you chose earlier will determine your path. For this article, we’ll assume a leftward direction.

Exploring the dungeon requires careful navigation and dealing with enemies along the way. The leftward path has proven lucky for many players, so keep your hopes up and continue searching for the Waterbolt.

Finding the Waterbolt

Once you reach the dungeon, you need to locate the Waterbolt. Look for bookshelves inside the dungeon and inspect the books they hold. The Waterbolt is distinguished by its blue cover with a band.

Hovering over the bookshelf can reveal its identity as a Waterbolt. If you find a book with a blue cover and a band, that’s the one you’re looking for. Right-clicking the books can also help confirm if you’ve found the Waterbolt.

Beware of the Dungeon Guardian

While searching for the Waterbolt, exercise caution not to delve too deep into the dungeon. The Dungeon Guardian is a formidable foe that can quickly overpower unprepared players. Stay vigilant and focus on finding the Waterbolt without going too deep into the dungeon where the Guardian resides.


Waterbolt is a magical weapon in Terraria that provides significant firepower. Following the steps outlined in this article, you can efficiently obtain the Waterbolt early in the game. Start by acquiring wood armour, choose a direction towards the dungeon, and navigate through its perils.

Locate the bookshelves, identify the Waterbolt book with its blue cover and band, and avoid encountering the Dungeon Guardian. With the Waterbolt in your possession, you’ll have a formidable weapon to aid you in your Terraria adventures. Good luck, and enjoy harnessing its magical abilities.


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