Terraria: How to Get White String

In Terraria, having the right accessories can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. One useful accessory is the White String, which can be obtained through simple crafting. If you want to add this accessory to your arsenal, here’s a step-by-step guide on obtaining White String in Terraria.


Step 1: Gathering Cobwebs

The first step is to collect Cobwebs, which are essential for crafting the White String. Cobwebs can be found throughout the game world, especially in underground caves and spider dens. Use any sword to break the Cobwebs and collect them. Aim to gather at least 50 Cobwebs for the crafting process.

Step 2: Crafting the Workbench and Anvil

With the Cobwebs in hand, it’s time to craft some necessary items. Start by crafting a Workbench using your initial crafting table. Once you have the Workbench, you can proceed to craft an Anvil. To create the Anvil, you’ll need either 8 Iron Bars or 8 Lead Bars, depending on the available resources in your world.

Step 3: Crafting the Loom

Next, it’s time to create a Loom, which is crucial for crafting the White String. Using the Workbench, craft a Sawmill. The Sawmill requires 10 Wood and 2 Iron or Lead Bars. Once you have the Sawmill, place and interact with it to access the crafting interface. Spend 50 Cobwebs to craft the White String using the Loom.

Step 4: Enjoying the Benefits

Congratulations! You have successfully obtained White String in Terraria. This accessory has numerous benefits, including increasing the maximum range of certain weapons. Equip the White String in your accessory slot to enjoy its effects during battles and exploration. It’s a valuable, cost-effective accessory that significantly enhances your gameplay experience.


In Terraria, acquiring the right accessories can significantly impact your adventures. The White String is a handy accessory that can be obtained through a simple crafting process. You can create the White String and enjoy its benefits by collecting Cobwebs and crafting a Workbench, Anvil, and Loom.

Remember to gather enough Cobwebs, create the necessary crafting stations, and utilize the Loom to craft the White String. Enhance your gameplay and increase your weapon range with this valuable accessory.


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