Terraria: Worm Food Recipe

In Terraria, players can engage in one of the exciting boss battles with the Eater of Worlds. This monstrous creature can only be summoned in the Corruption biome using a particular item called Worm Food. If you’re eager to challenge this formidable boss and reap its rewards, here’s a step-by-step guide on obtaining Worm Food and summoning the Eater of Worlds.


Step 1: Entering the Corruption Biome

You’ll need to venture into the Corruption biome to begin your journey. If your current world doesn’t have Corruption, you can create a new world and choose the Corruption option from the menu. Once you enter this new world, you’ll find yourself in the Corruption biome, ready to start your quest.

Step 2: Collecting Vile Mushrooms

In the Corruption biome, keep an eye out for strange mushrooms known as Vile Mushrooms. These mushrooms have a distinct purple appearance and can be found scattered throughout the biome. Collect at least six of these mushrooms, which will be crucial in crafting the necessary materials for Worm Food.

Step 3: Crafting the Alchemy Table

You’ll need access to an Alchemy Table to create the required materials. If you don’t have one, don’t worry. Simply find a regular empty bottle and a wooden table. Place the bottle on the table to create your makeshift Alchemy Table. This table will function similarly to the original Alchemy Table and allow you to proceed with crafting.

Step 4: Crafting Vile Powder

With your Alchemy Table ready, it’s time to transform the Vile Mushrooms into Vile Powder. Place the Vile Mushrooms in the table’s crafting interface to create Wild Powder. You’ll need five Vile Mushrooms to craft 30 Wild Powder. This powder will be used in the next step, so gather enough of it.

Step 5: Collecting Rotten Chunks

Venture further into the corrupted biome and defeat various enemies to collect Rotten Chunks. These chunks are a standard drop from creatures inhabiting the Corruption biome. Gather at least 30 Rotten Chunks by defeating enemies like Corrupt Slimes, Devourers, and Face Monsters.

Step 6: Summoning the Eater of Worlds

Now that you have the necessary materials, summoning the Eater of Worlds is time. Explore the corrupted biome until you find a cave system that resembles the one in the video.

Inside this cave system, locate the Demon Altar, a crafting station. Stand near the altar and use the crafting interface to combine 30 Wild Powder and 50 Rotten Chunks. This combination will create Worm Food.

Step 7: Initiating the Boss Battle

With Worm Food, it’s time to face the Eater of Worlds. The summoning can only occur in the Corruption biome, regardless of size. It can be done at any time during the day. Stand on the surface or inside a cave system and use the Worm Food by left-clicking your mouse. This action will trigger the boss battle, summoning the Eater of Worlds.


The Eater of Worlds is a challenging boss in Terraria. Still, with the proper preparation and the Worm Food item, you can summon and defeat this monstrous creature. Remember to gather Vile Mushrooms, craft Vile Powder, collect Rotten Chunks, and create Worm Food at a Demon Altar.

Once ready, use the Worm Food in the Corruption biome to initiate the epic boss battle and claim rewards. Good luck, and may victory be yours in Terraria.


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