Terraria Yoyo Build Progession

Terraria, the popular sandbox game, introduced a unique weapon type called yoyos with the 1.3 updates on PC. These melee weapons are thrown towards the cursor location and can be held to score multiple hits with the same weapon.

This article will explore the various yoyos available in Terraria, starting from the bare wooden yoyo and progressing to the best yoyos in the game. We will also discuss yoyo accessories that enhance their effectiveness.


How do The Yoyo Mechanics Work?

All yoyos in Terraria can be enhanced with regular melee and yo-yo-specific accessories. While most yoyos have the same critical strike chance and use time, the melee speed boosts from accessories increase the range of yoyos, but using too many accessories can lead to glitches.

The yoyo accessories we’ll discuss later in this guide include speed boost and hover abilities.

Credit to ChippysCouch on YouTube
Credit to ChippysCouch on YouTube

Pre-Hard Mode Yoyos

The wooden yoyo is the first yoyo players can obtain, requiring 10 wood and 20 cobwebs to craft. With a base damage of 9, reach of 9, and duration of 4, it is a solid starting weapon.

Other pre-hard mode yoyos include the rally (14 damage, 10 reach, 5 duration), artery (crafted from demonite bars), malaise (crafted from crimson bars), and Amazon (crafted from vine, stingers, and jungle spores). The code one yoyo can also be purchased from the travelling merchant after defeating the Eye of Cthulhu.

Terraria: Travelling Merchant
Terraria: Travelling Merchant

Hard Mode Yoyos

Players can acquire several yoyos in hard mode by defeating enemies, crafting, or purchasing them.

Amazing hard mode yoyos include the Format:C and Gradient, which can be bought from the skeleton merchant during specific lunar cycles.

The Chik YoYo can be crafted using wooden yoyo, crystal shards, and souls of light.

The Hell-Fire YoYo, a counterweight to the pre-hard mode cascade, can be obtained from underworld and cavern enemies.

The hard mode also introduces the Amarok YoYo, dropped by snow biome enemies, and the code two yoyo, sold by the travelling merchant after defeating a mechanical boss.

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Farming and Real-Life Counterweight

Players can farm yoyos by setting up statues with timers and lava pools to spawn enemies that walk into the lava and die. It’s worth noting that yoyos with real-life counterweight, such as the rally, code one, Valor, and cascade, are marked with a symbol in the game.

These real-life yoyos are manufactured by One Drop, reflecting the lead developer’s passion for yoyos.

Mastering the Art of Yoyos in Terraria

Terraria offers a wide variety of yoyos, each with its own unique stats and abilities. These weapons provide exciting melee combat options, from the humble wooden yoyo to the powerful hard mode yoyos.

With the right accessories and knowledge of yoyo mechanics, players can unleash the full potential of these spinning weapons and conquer the challenges that await them in Terraria. So grab your yoyo and embark on an adventure like no other.


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