Terraria: How Does the Yoyo Bag Work?

This article will explore the ultimate accessory for yoyo enthusiasts in Terraria.

How to Make the Yo Yo Bag

The yoyo bag combines three essential components: the white string, the counterweight, and the yoyo glove. Let’s dive into how you can acquire each of these items.

how to get the yoyo bag
how to get the yoyo bag

The white string is crafted using 30 cobwebs. It provides a crucial effect to enhance your yoyo abilities. Additionally, the counterweight can be obtained from either the skeleton merchant or the travelling merchant. To find the skeleton merchant, venture underground or wait for the travelling merchant to appear. They may have a counterweight available for sale.

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The yoyo glove, the final piece of the puzzle, can be obtained from the skeleton merchant. However, it is a rare find, costing you fifty gold coins. Keep exploring underground until you encounter the skeleton merchant, who might have the yoyo glove in stock.

Once you’ve obtained all three items—the white string, the counterweight, and the yoyo glove—you can proceed to the next step. Visit the tinkerer’s workshop and craft the ultimate accessory—the yoyo bag.

What Does the YoYo Bag Do?

The yoyo bag combines the effects of all three accessories into one. It grants you increased range, the ability to throw the counterweight, and the capacity to wield two yoyos simultaneously.

The yoyo bag allows you to release a powerful punch with your yoyo. Your yoyo becomes a devastating weapon with the combined strength of the counterweight, the extra yoyo, and the more extended range. It’s worth noting that the yoyo bag doesn’t bring any new features but combines the impacts of the various attachments.

You may get the most excellent yoyo in the game to optimise your skills. It is obtained after beating Terraria’s final boss. This yoyo has incredible harm potential. Please see the link in the description for further information on receiving this fantastic weapon.

In conclusion, the yoyo bag is an essential accessory for any yoyo enthusiast in Terraria. It consolidates the effects of the white string, the counterweight, and the yoyo glove into one powerful item. With the yoyo bag equipped, you can unleash devastating damage and become a true yoyo god. Don’t miss out on this fantastic accessory.


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